AMB 2022

International exhibition for metal working

13. - 17. September 2022, Stuttgart
Alfred Kärcher Halle
Halle 8, Stand 8E78

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StingR - Experience report from Gesau-Werkzeuge Fabrikations- und Service GmbH

Learn more about our StingR.

Filtering HSS without compromise

With the StingR ultra-fine filter technology, Lehmann-UMT has developed a hydropneumatic backwashing process that offers the user a number of advantages. For the tool company Gesau-Werkzeuge, one thing is paramount: mastering a particularly difficult filtration process when grinding gear-cutting tools.


Cooling lubricants are a crucial component in the machining process; often, a machining task would not be possible without them. Thus, the cooling lubricant preparation is also an indispensable component in the process, since the cooling lubricant supply must be maintained in the required purity and at the necessary flow rate. In turn, the degree of purity of the cooling lubricant has a significant influence not only on process stability but also on the machining result and the wear of the cooling lubricant constituents. However, the right technology can only be selected and configured with a precise analysis of the machining process and its requirements. Gesau-Werkzeuge Fabrikations- und Service GmbH has consistently followed this path. The tool specialist from Glauchau-Gesau has completed the final stage of a metamorphosis in the cooling lubricant preparation that has been driven forward for years with Lehmann-UMT.

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The Lehmann-UMT is underway in the Antarctic.

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Die Lehmann-UMT at the EMO: Unique filter technology filters oils crystal clear.

Lehmann-UMT GmbH, an innovative filter and conveyor specialist from Pöhl in the Vogtland region of Germany, will be presenting a multi-stage ultra-fine filter system for processing high-performance high-speed steel (HSS), tungsten carbide and glass ceramics, an ultra-strong neodymium magnetic separator and a high-performance compact endless belt filter at the EMO, Hanover in September.

Schlamm nach Feinstfiltration

After many successful years on the market, the ultra-fine filter system has been continuously further developed and designed for new materials such as HSS and ceramics, so that users now have state-of-the-art, reliable technology available to filter oils and emulsions crystal clear. The product features are convincing: a combination of different filtration stages allows mixed processing of complicated materials, the modular design allows configuration and adaptation to a wide range of applications such as grinding, lapping, honing and others.

High-performance pre-filtration by means of magnetic separators and belt filters reduces the dirt load on subsequent filtration stages, which considerably extends their energy efficiency and longevity. Depending on requirements, a lamella separator and a sedimentation tank with discharge system follow. Ultra-fine filtration completes the high-performance filtration system, with which filter finenesses of 2 µm can be achieved. A further advantage that should not be underestimated is the low space requirement of the systems, which is 50 % less than with systems previously available on the market.

The magnetic separator with ultra-strong neodymium magnets not only collects a multiple of the usual amount of ferromagnetic material, but also separates only slightly magnetized materials during the processing of hard metals. This represents a great success in the development of filter technology, as something like this was almost impossible until now. Valuable process material can thus be recovered and any subsequent filtration stages relieved.

The powerful endless belt compact filter convinces by its small space requirement. The filter surface is particularly large thanks to a special, C-shaped conveyor belt. In combination with a high water column, this enables the construction of an excellent filter cake. Supplemented by a technologically defined discharge slope, which prevents the dirt particles from falling back, the result is a compact, cost- and energy-efficient filter with high output per litre and excellent filtration results, which can also be operated without the use of filter aids. The economic advantages of a trough filter are optimally combined with the technological advantages of an inclined bed filter in terms of throughput and costs.

The Lehmann-UMT team of experts will be available at EMO from 16 to 21 September to present the technological highlights of the filtration systems.

Lehmann-UMT at the EMO: Hall 7, Booth B22

Lehmann-UMT knows no limits in size

The polar sledges from Lehmann inherently are a speciality in terms of size, stability and payload. However, in November last year this was surpassed once again and a polar sledge of the absolute superlatives was handed over to the customers.

The mounted sledge is almost 17 m long and 5 m wide. It is designed for the transport of up to six 40' containers and has a payload of 60 tons. The standard sledges have payloads between 6 and 25 tons. Due to its size, the sledge could not be transported as a whole, but had to be dismantled into assemblies and assembled in Antarctica at temperatures lower as -60 °C.

Now we received a video showing the sledge in action - impressive pictures.

The company Lehmann has already delivered more than 150 sledges all over the world. The research teams use them to transport polar equipment, fuel oil and container structures from the ice edge of the Antarctic to the station in the interior of the country.

New 4-stage ultrafine filtration system of Lehmann-UMT - economical and efficient

Cooling lubricants are essential for mechanical metalworking: they reduce friction between tool and workpiece, absorb generated heat and transport the produced chips away from the machining point. Turning, milling, drilling, grinding, lapping and honing would be inconceivable without cooling lubricants, which means that these auxiliary materials represent a cost factor that should not be underestimated. In addition, numerous legal requirements and laws must be observed when disposing of cooling lubricants.

The mentioned circumstances mean that the used coolants must have a service life as long as possible, which of course requires first-class quality and thus filtration. In addition, the condition of the lubricants has a decisive influence on the productivity and quality of production. Effective filter technology is therefore a fundamental component of every modern production process.

Lehmann-UMT has been an established supplier of filter and conveyor technology for many years and develops filter systems that meet the high demands of the metalworking industry.

4-stage ultrafine filtration system

In February 2019 the company will present a 4-stage ultrafine filter system at the Intec in Leipzig, the international trade fair for machine tools. By combining different filtration stages, the system can also be used for mixed processing and complicated media. A modular design allows configuration and adaptation to a wide variety of applications such as grinding, lapping or honing of hard metals and chips, but also of glass and ceramics.

High-performance pre-filtration through a magnetic separator and a belt filter reduces the dirt load on subsequent filtration stages, which considerably extends their service life. Depending on requirements, a lamella separator and a sedimentation tank with discharge system follow. Ultrafine filtration completes the high-performance filtration system with which filter finenesses of up to 2 µm can be achieved.

These first-class filter results of Lehmann-UMT‘s systems increase the dirt holding capacity of the oil, the machines work more precisely and the workpiece surfaces are clean, which in many cases makes subsequent cleaning unnecessary. A scraper discharge and drying system also recovers the material removed from the process. At Lehmann‘s, high energy efficiency and sustainability are self-reliant.

Ultimately, there is an acute lack of space in many production halls and both the processing machines and the filter systems should be as small as possible. With a well thought-out construction and clever design, the filter systems of Lehmann-UMT also fulfil this requirement- best filtration results in the smallest possible space.

Lehmann-UMT will present the new ultrafine filter system at the Intec in Leipzig (05 - 08 February), Hall 5, booth10 C and at the Wernesgrüner Werkzeugsymposium from 20 - 22 February 2019 in Wernesgrün.

Lehmann-UMT at the AMB in Stuttgart

In autumn 2017 Lehmann-UMT very successfully introduced to the market the compact filter for oil, water, emulsion and solutions.

Now the company has gone one step further and is presenting a chip management system with integrated compact filter and tank at AMB in Stuttgart. This way, cost-intensive space in the production hall is optimally used and space is freed up for further production plants.

The scraper chain conveyor is equipped with a specially designed pre-separation system and sets new standards. Chips with a size between 5 cm and 0.5 mm are already separated at this point, which considerably reduces the consumption of filter aids. Due to wear-resistant materials, high-quality chains and level and rotation monitoring, the conveyor is fail-safe and low-maintenance.


The integrated compact filter is designed for the mechanical processing of various materials such as steel, aluminium, cast iron, grey cast iron and stainless steel. There are virtually no limits to the type of machining: whether turning, milling, grinding, drilling, honing or lapping - the compact filter of Lehmann-UMT is always the right choice.

The conveyor belt for the fleece in the filter is C-shaped as in commercially available trough filters, but is supplemented by a technologically defined discharge slope which prevents the particles from falling back into the dirt liquid in the lubricant filter. Thanks to the special design, the filter area for the filtration of oil and other media is particularly large. In addition, a high water column is generated, which results in the formation of an excellent filter cake, which in turn enables a high filter fineness of up to approx. 10 µm, depending on the fleece used. The new paper band filter is equipped with an electrical fill level monitor by default.

The compact filter of Lehmann-UMT combines optimally technological advantages of a trough filter with the economic advantages of an inclined bed filter regarding throughput and costs.

The plant, which will be presented at the AMB in September, is designed for a throughput of approx. 300 l/min, with space for three machine supply pumps and an additional police filter to protect the pumps or rotary union. A cooling system for the cooling lubricant can be optionally ordered and easily integrated.

Lehmann-UMT GmbH at the AMB in Stuttgart: Alfred Kärcher Hall (Hall 8), booth 8B59

Lehmann-UMT GmbH is a 2018 FOCUS growth champion

In cooperation with Statista, a leading global statistics portal, the news magazine Focus has announced Germany’s 2018 growth champions – and they include Lehmann-UMT GmbH from Pöhl. The machine manufacturer is the only business from the Vogtland region to join the ranks of companies with the strongest growth in sales between 2013 and 2016.

The cross-industry survey covered 12,000 companies. To be included, companies had to operate independently, have no subsidiaries, be registered in Germany and have generated sales of at least 100,000 euros in 2013 and at least 1.8 million euros in 2016.

Lehmann-UMT GmbH, an owner-managed family-run company, operates mainly in the filter and conveyor technology market, but is also involved in research and development. It has a strong global reputation on the specialised machinery market for the development and manufacture of specialist equipment for polar research.

Ask Director Titus Lehmann about the reasons for the company’s success and he has a clear answer: a combination of many different factors, the most important being a coherent product strategy and excellent staff who put their whole heart and mind into the job every day.“

That understanding of the right combination of key factors is taking Lehmann-UMT to Brussels on 4 December, where Saxony’s State Minister of Economic Affairs, Martin Dulig, is to present the preliminary results of „StrategieWerkstatt: Industrie der ZUKUNFT. The platform operated by the Saxon State Ministry of Economic Affairs is designed to facilitate a broad and open communication process with players from industry and science. The aim is to establish the framework for ongoing successful development in the Saxon economy over the next 20 years. Alongside the event, there is to be a presentation of successful and forward-looking Saxon businesses. Lehmann-UMT will be there with a high-performance stainless steel filter system.


Saxony's Entrepreneur of the Year

Titus Lehmann, managing director and owner of Lehmann-UMT GmbH, was nominated for the competition "Saxony's Entrepreneur of the Year". After the company was voted one of the growth champions 2018 by the news magazine "Focus" last year, the nomination of the MDR Saxony follows now.

The competition is intended not only to honour entrepreneurs who have developed functioning products and businesses from creative ideas, but also and above all those who are deeply rooted in their region and are aware of their social responsibility and act accordingly. The competition aims to focus the public's attention on committed and courageous people whose work shows what Saxony's economy is capable of achieving.

Titus Lehmann was pleased about the nomination, but sees the success of the company not as his merit, but that of his employees. They implement his ideas strategically, turn mere thoughts into tangible products, look after customers and passionately support the company - all of which ultimately leads to the positive development of Lehmann-UMT.

The winner will not be announced until the festive awards ceremony on 4 May at the Volkswagen Transparent Factory in Dresden.

Market leader in the filter technology sector expands its product range

Lehmann-UMT GmbH will continue the business field of ultrafine filtration of the Swiss company ARO TECHNOLOGIES AG. The negotiations were concluded at the end of 2017.

The two companies have been cooperating successfully for many years and so it was obvious that ARO TECHNOLOGIES AG turned to the Saxon machine manufacturer when the decision was made to divest the ultrafine filtration division.

Ultrafine filtration holds enormous potential, which the Swiss company is currently not exploiting due to insufficient personnel capacities. The energy-efficient system achieves a remarkable filter fineness of less than 2 µm when honing, lapping or grinding in oil and opens up completely new possibilities for a wide variety of applications. Ultrafine filtration can be used not only for machining hard metals, but also for glass and glass ceramics. Thanks to an integrated backwashing process, the systems operate without filter aids, thus eliminating the need for disposal. A compact design also allows easy integration into existing plants.

Lehmann-UMT is on course for growth, so the company is seizing the opportunity to increase its own market share, push ahead with internationalisation and secure additional technological expertise for an area already worked on. The acquisition will also further expand the value chain and further increase the already high vertical range of manufacture at the Saxon mechanical engineering company.

Lehmann-UMT participates in the 15th Career orientation market in Reichenbach

On wednesday, 13th September between 10 and 18 o'clock in Reichenbach, sports hall "An der Cunsdorfer Straße" interested pupils have again the chance to check out their possibilities after graduation.

Lehmann-UMT is training apprentices for different professions for many years and is also partner for studies of technical management, mechanical engineering as well as trade and international management. That is why we also present our company in Reichenbach as training company. Our responsible collegue for apprenticeship - Mrs. Cornelia Oberhauser - will answer all questions together with some of our trainees. They are looking forward to many interested visitors!

Lehmann-UMT GmbH is one of the first firms in Saxony to train young Syrians

Lehmann-UMT is one of the first companies in Saxony where a refugee has signed an apprenticeship contract. Hamza, a 21-year-old Syrian who has been living in Germany for a good two years, is being trained as a machine operator CNC since the start of August.

In times of a shortage of skilled labour, the mechanical engineers from Jocketa want to offer people who have had to leave their homeland the chance of a future career. The young man introduced himself to the company at the Vogtland careers fair in October 2016 and impressed them with his appearance and very good German skills. The first step was for him to complete an internship and then access qualifications afterwards. As he is gifted and highly motivated and integrated himself into the team very well straight away, the conclusion of an apprenticeship contract was the only logical consequence for the Lehmann-UMT personnel department. „It feels likes Hamza has already been here 10 years“, said one of the apprentice’s colleagues.

In response to the question why the young Syrian opted for an apprenticeship at Lehmann-UMT, he replies: "I know that it’s important in Germany to have good qualifications if you want to achieve something. I don’t want to be a labourer my whole life." His colleagues are also very nice and the work is varied.

Lehmann-UMT practises integration and there are many aspects to this, for example, the mechanical engineering company has been successfully working together with workshops for disabled people for many years.

Train young Syrians

Hydraulic technology from Jocketa/Pöhl moves bridge in Uhyst

In the course of the eastern enlargement of the European Union officials decided to extend the cross-border rail links. This is necessary to meet the requirements of the increasing passenger traffic and transport of goods. In the line of this project at the route of Knappenrode (Hoyerswerda) – Horka up to the German-Polish boarder several bridges will be erected. One of them was installed in Uhyst, beginning of June. The used hydraulic technology for the relocation of the bridge came from Lehmann-UMT in Pöhl. By means of this technology for cross and lengthwise relocation of bridges masses of up to 6.000 t can be moved.

MDR-Sachsenspiegel broadcasted a report about the bridge relocation. (31.05.2017)

From the Pleiße to the Danube – the team of Lehmann-UMT has its hands full with trade fairs at home and abroad

In recent weeks, the Lehmann-UMT has successfully presented its products at two trade fairs:

At Agra in Leipzig - the trade fair for agriculture, forestry and nutrition in Central Germany, which took place from 4 to 7 May, the focus was on products of the portfolio of environmental technology and special machine construction. The system of Bioextrusion ®was presented and explained using a laboratory extruder. In addition, the skid of a Cargo sledgege for timer harvesting has been presented. These sledges provide a soil-friendly possibility of timer harvesting - the structure of the soil, the porosity is retained. Too much pressure to the forest soil destroys the vegetation for a long time. The design of the skids is decisive for the ground-protecting properties of the transport giant. A guideline on the maximum allowable pressure on forest soil is in the process of development, which already shows great potential for this development.

In the following week, the participation in the MACH-TECH, Hungary's international trade fair for mechanical engineering technology, was a premiere for Lehmann-UMT. An above-average growth is forecasted to the Hungarian industry within the next year, which offers German suppliers new opportunities.

The sales team shouldered the almost 1000 km long trip to present products from the field of filter technology to the Hungarian public. A special focus was on filtration solutions made of stainless steel. This material expands the application possibilities of the various systems – the customer can chose – according to its requirements - from V2A and V4A.

Sales manager Jens Ruddeck presented one of our further developments in the field of magnetic filtration. The quality of cooling lubricants in metal processing is significantly increased by the use of a magnetic filter. It removes tiny magnetic particles without the use of filter aids. The quality of the cooling lubricant is decisive for the service life of the machines, but at the same time also for the quality of the materials.

The participation at both events can be described as a success, as they represent a further step towards the opening up of new markets.

Take a look! - the company in Pöhl is participating in open door week too

On 17 March 2017 between 9 and 12, Lehmann-UMT is offering interested schoolchildren, who are welcome to be accompanied by their parents, the opportunity of visiting the premises to gain an initial overview of the wide product range and the work that is done at LEHMANN-UMT.

Information about this: Website - Saxony education market

We request your registration - even at short notice. The following link also provides more detailed information about the apprenticeship possibilities at Lehmann-UMT GmbH:

Aktion - Take a look!

The INTEC is opening its doors.

From 7 - 10 March 2017, the Intec in Leipzig will be opening its doors again. This year, Lehmann-UMT will be presenting highlights from the area of filter technology for metal-processing machine tools. The international tradeshow will once again be welcoming more than 1000 exhibitors from 25 countries and offering the technical framework for meetings and discussions concerning the latest developments in the area of machine tools, production and automation technology. We are looking forward to seeing you in Hall 5, booth C16 (Maveg GmbH)!

INTEC - Messe

Our skids and hydraulic lifting technology prevent subsidence of the polar station

Halley VI, the UK's research station in the Antarctic, has been successfully transferred to a new site. The move was necessary because cracks in the ice were threatening the station. Halley VI is - as its name indicates - already the 6th Antarctic research station operated by the UK. Each of the predecessors had to be abandoned after about 10 years because they were buried by masses of snow and squashed. Halley V had to be evacuated because it was too close to the break-off edge and was not mobile. Solutions to these problems were sought when it came to constructing Halley VI, and found in 2012 in the Vogtland region of eastern central Germany. The station stands on hydraulic supports by means of which the height of the station can be adapted to the changing snow level. These hydraulic supports as well as the skids on which the station was pulled over the snow masses are a Lehmann product designed and produced at the Jocketa site. The video - published by the British Antarctic Survey - shows how the station was relocated.

You can find more information on the website of the British Antarctic Survey or on various German news platforms such as Spiegel online.

Indian project partners at Pöhl

On Monday and Tuesday, we welcomed guests from the Leibnitz University Hanover and the University of Chennai, India to Jocketa. We are working together on project to improve the infrastructure possibilities in refuse disposal in Chennai. In addition, the existing energy deficit in the country should be reduced at the same time.

The kick-off meeting for the project took place in India in May, and now the team was meeting for the second time. The results of previous research work were evaluated, the next steps defined.

A pilot plant is planned to generate biogas and inexpensive electrical power by energy recovery from residual substances of biogenic origin (e.g. waste from the largest vegetable and flower market), thereby killing two birds with one stone in the densely populated country of India: Lack of energy and unimaginable quantities of waste that cannot be recycled.

In the course of the meeting, the project partners from India also took the chance to discuss processing of fermentation residues for compost and fuels. The discussions made it clear: technology from Lehmann-UMT GmbH can also make an important contribution to solving the problems here.

Prodex, Basel (CH) 15-18 November 2016

The Prodex is the international tradeshow for machine tools, tools and production measuring technology in Switzerland. Leading companies present the complete production sequence and all machining processes in metalworking. Lehmann-UMT will also be represented at booth B18 in Hall 1.0 together with its sales team. The Swiss public will have the chance to see the "USF Edge +" filter plant and a new stainless steel inclined bed filter.

Prodex 2016Prodex 2016Prodex 2016

Your date for career selection: 27 October 2016 - Plauen Festival Hall

Visit us on 27 October at the Plauen Festival Hall to find out about "Adventure Career". Together with more than one hundred exhibitors, we will be showing many possibilities for how this adventure could unfold. We are looking forward to seeing you.

AMB, Stuttgart 13-17 September 2016

The sales team of Lehmann-UMT will be in Stuttgart for the entire coming week, and will present new developments from the Lehmann company to the international exhibition public. The AMB is expected to be attended by more than 90000 specialist visitors who will come to the site covering approx. 105000 square metres to find out about new and further developments in ablative and cutting machine tools, measuring technology and quality assurance, precision tools, robots, workpiece and tool handling technology and much else besides.

You too can visit our booth in the Oskar-Lapp Hall: Booth 6 C60!


14th Career Orientation Day in Reichenbach

Visit us on 14 September in Reichenbach at the Career Orientation Market for apprentices and find out about the "Adventure Career". Together with more than one hundred exhibitors, we will be showing many possibilities for how this adventure could unfold. We are looking forward to seeing you.

Tradeshow innovations - paper belt filter & conveyor system for soft chips


Insert - paper belt filter

Insert - conveyor system for soft chips

Support for beach basketball, sponsor of the swimming gala organised by TSV Netzschkau

This summer, Lehmann-UMT GmbH supported the beach basketball tournament at the Plauen Theaterplatz, organised as part of the 57th Lace Festival, as well as the swimming gala of TSV Nema in Netzschkau.

Schau auf Design

On 16 and 17 April 2016, innovative companies from Plauen, the Vogtland region and adjacent regions gathered at Industriebau Plauener Gardine, the former curtain factory. Lehmann-UMT presented itself as a creative, highly innovative family firm focusing on filter and conveyor technology, and provided information about opportunities for apprentices and students at its site in Pöhl. For 70 years, the engineering company has made a significant contribution to the positive ongoing development of the Vogtland as a location for business and as a place to live, and many visitors took the opportunity to find out about the company and its products. There was even plenty for the youngest guests to do.


Industry Prize 2016

At the GrindTec in March, Lehmann-UMT presented the USF Edge + as one of the new developments in the market for ultrafiltration. The ultrafiltration plant for filtration results down to 2 - 3 µm won the "Best of 2016" award at the end of the show as part of the "Industry Prize 2016".

Urkunde - Industriepreis 2016 

Participation in GrindTec was a complete success

Participation in the GrindTec in Augsburg was a complete success for Lehmann-UMT.

The exhibits and the exhibition booth attracted more visitors than ever before, and the sales team around CEO Titus Lehmann was able to generate many orders.

Amongst other exhibits at the booth, Lehmann-UMT was showing its latest developments in the area of ultrafiltration - the USF Easy and the USF Edge Plus - filter plants for processing cooling lubricants (oils, to 10 centistokes) in metal, glass and ceramics processing.

The booth was shared by two other companies from the area of filter technology and filter ancillaries - ARO TECHNOLOGIES AG from Langenthal in Switzerland and Apodis GmbH from Salach, Deutschland. Together, the three companies form the GERMAN FILTER GROUP - a grouping of three highly innovative companies which combine their joint expertise and thus improve the performance capability for customers many times over.


As is widely known, as soon as one exhibition finishes, another will be starting, and consequently Lehmann-UMT GmbH is now preparing to participate in the "Schau auf Design" from 16 - 17 April 2016 to be held in the Industrie Bau Plauener Gardine in Plauen, Saxony; this show will enable potential customers from the region to gain an insight into the company's work and also to see some of the exhibits from the GrindTec.

Impressions from the GrindTec 2016

The international specialist show for grinding technology attracts thousands of visitors when it is held every two years. This year, they will also have the opportunity to get to know our highlights in the area of ultrafiltration. Here, we have combined some impressions from the show.

Posted by Lehmann-UMT on Montag, 7. März 2016

Filtration at its finest

New developments from Saxony are raising filter results to a new level

USF Easy and USF Edge Plus - these are the new filters which Lehmann-UMT GmbH will present in Augsburg from 16 - 19 March 2016 for the first time. As a result, Lehmann is broadening its product range by adding 2 more filter systems and placing outstanding products on the market which cover everything from the simplest to high-end filtration of oil and water.

The USF Easy is an inexpensive plant for a wide range of applications. It is used, amongst other applications, in machining carbide metals and also during lapping and honing. Moreover, the modular design enables different elements to be selected in addition for customer-specific filtration tasks so as to upgrade the system for working with ceramics, for example. With its outstanding key properties, the USF Easy is designed for filtration of particles in the range from 3 - 5 µm in oil, given corresponding conditions Manually or, optionally, fully automatic backwashable exchangeable cartridges and a high energy efficiency mean that using the USF Easy reduces ancillary costs; additionally, the new filter from Lehmann-UMT is also one step ahead when it comes to sustainability. Simple handling for filtration in a reliable process rounds off the package.

The USF Edge Plus employs three-stage ultrafiltration by its innovative combination of different filter processes. The result is raised to a new level. Impurities in the filter elements are minimised, leading to a significantly extended service life of the plant and an enormous reduction in costs.

Thanks to the three-stage system, even media that are difficult to process can be filtered with high efficiency in the range from 2 - 3 µm. As a result, the USF Edge Plus can also be used in the glass and ceramic industries. A further highlight is a new outfeed and drying system in the tank.

Lehmann-UMT will be represented at the GrindTec in Hall 2, booth 2048. In addition to the innovations described above, many other exciting highlights will also be presented.

Banner Grindtec 2016

Wernesgrüner Tool Symposium 2016

Lehmann-UMT will also be taking part in the Wernesgrüner Tool Symposium in 2016 again. From 27 to 29 January 2016, we will be presenting our innovations in the area of filter technology at the Wernesgrüner Brewery. We are looking forward to your visit!

Here you can find the flyer with additional information and the registration form.

Wernesgrüner Werkzeugsymposium

Dresden-Dakar-Banjul Rally

The team of Lehmann-UMT GmbH counted 1000 guests during the period from 18 - 20 June 2015 in three events to mark the company's 70th anniversary ...

Posted by Lehmann-UMT on Samstag, 24. Oktober 2015

Donation presentation: 2000€ for smiling children's eyes

PÖHL. - 24 August 2015. Titus Lehmann, CEO of Lehmann-UMT GmbH, handed over part of the donations collected during the company's jubilee year on the first day of the new school year in Saxony. The Jocketa primary school and local kindergarten - the AWO Kinderland Pöhl - were both delighted to receive cheques amounting to 1000€. A further part of the donations will be given to the "Dresden-Banjul Organisation", an aid organisation in Gambia.

As a result, Titus Lehmann took the opportunity during the festivities for the 70th anniversary of the family firm to give charitable donations instead of buying presents. Numerous business partners as well as friends and employees of the Lehmann family are supporting the campaign.


The primary school and the kindergarten are very happy to receive this unexpected financial support. The school will use the money for buying technical equipment, amongst other things, and some expensive books for the library. Investments that are normally not possible given the school's budget. The kindergarten will use the money for a long overdue refurbishment of the children's playhouse in the garden.

The third part of the donation will be handed over in person by Titus Lehmann during the Dresden-Dakar-Banjul Rally, and will be received by the aid organisation in Gambia. After the participants have arrived, the vehicles will be auctioned off. The money will finance all kinds of projects. The participants are supporting the organisation in highly individual ways with additional donations of money and in kind. For this purpose, Lehmann-UMT GmbH decided not to give Christmas presents to customers and business partners this year. The decision to use the money instead for boosting the donation to the Dresden-Banjul Organisation was an easy one to take.

An introduction to Lehmann-UMT.

Impressions of the jubilee events

The team of Lehmann-UMT GmbH counted 1000 guests during the period from 18 - 20 June 2015 in three events to mark the company's 70th anniversary ...

Posted by Lehmann-Umt AL on Dienstag, 30. Juni 2015

Here are a few impressions from our events. If any guests do not wish to have a photo of them published, please let us know. The corresponding picture will be deleted immediately ...

Posted by Lehmann-UMT on Montag, 29. Juni 2015
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