Endless belt filter

The endless belt filter is used for cleaning cooling lubricants, washing waters, oils, acids and alkalis as well as for separating solid media from liquids. It can achieve filter fineness values down to 25†µm with a flow rate of up to 1000 l/min.

Endless belt filterEndless belt filter

Mode of function

The contaminated medium flows into the endless belt filter and is distributed over the filter belt. The flow rate depends on the size of the filter plant, the type of contamination involved as well as the filter belt fitted.

The filter fineness depends on the filter belt used, and can vary depending on the filter cake structure. The filter cake itself also serves as a filter medium to separate the smallest dirt particles.

As the level of contamination rises, the flow rate through the filter belt decreases and the fill level rises. At the maximum level, a fill level sensor triggers the belt feed. Cleaned filter belt is advanced and the process restarts.

The contamination carried out with the belt is cleaned from the belt using a brush, and collected in the dirt container provided for this purpose. The contaminated belt is cleaned by a pressure nozzle and returned to the process.


• Runs fully automatically without consuming filter aids
• Continuous cleaning without interruption of supply and disposal
• Noticeable reduction in operating costs
• Environmental friendliness
• Energy efficiency
• Strict service friendliness
• Filtration fineness is determined by variable use of different filter belts
• Available in steel and stainless steel
• Stainless steel version is highly corrosion-resistant

Our filter systems are often used in combined plants, such as with our conveyor technology.

For additional information about the filter technology, please refer to our brochure or contact us in person. You can use the following contact possibilities for this. We look forward to presenting you with our offer.

Brochure - filter technology

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