Ultra-fine filtration

Our ultra-fine filtration systems can be configured for a wide range of applications such as grinding, lapping or honing of hard metals, steels, glass and ceramics. Oils, emulsions and aqueous solutions can be filtered. They work largely without filter aids, eliminating the need for costly disposal of these. The environment is sustainably protected. A remarkable filter fineness of up to approx. 2 µm also opens up numerous new possibilities. An optimally cleaned cooling lubricant keeps the machine clean, clean workpiece surfaces and optimum cutting performance are thus made possible.

Thanks to an optionally available automatic cleaning of the filter elements, the machining processes do not have to be interrupted. The systems also operate quietly, energy-efficiently and in the smallest possible space - a 400 l system, for example, requires only the footprint of a Euro pallet.

Functionality of a 5-stage ultra-fine filter system

Functionality of a 5-stage ultra-fine filter system



Plant Examples

USF Easy
Mobile filter system
USF Edge+
USF Edge-800
Central system

The possibility to combine different filtration stages makes our ultrafine filtration system also suitable for mixed machining and difficult media.


The StingR is a highly intelligent, sophisticated ultra-fine filtration system.


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USF Easy

Cost advantageous system with manual backwashing for mixed machining


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Mobile filtration system

For bath care


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USF Edge+

High end system with 5 filtration stages


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USF Egde-800

Plug & play standard filter plant


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Central systems

For several processing machines and high throughput rates of up to 5000 l/min


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Flow chart of a multi-stage filtration

Fliessschema Feinstfiltration

Options for your individual application

The appropriate filter element

Filterelemente Feinstfiltration

The appropriate tank system


Application report – Ultrafine filtration by Lehmann-UMT GmbH

Glass ceramics or hard-metal tools – High-end ultrafine filtration enables high-precision manufacturing

Often in manufacturing, we find the application of cooling lubricants like for example grinding oils. Their main task is of course to cool down the workpiece and the tooling, and to lead away the removed material. The alleged helper in production can show quite the nasty face, if the load it carries doesn’t get filtered. The result is an abrasive liquid that diminishes the quality of your product. A problem for high-precision manufacturing – and a call for the filtration experts at LEHMANN-UMT.

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All filter systems from Lehmann have a modular structure so that individual solutions can be developed for many problems. In this way, the fine oil filter system can also be combined with other systems, e.g. magnetic separators and / or scraper tank systems.

For additional information about the filter technology, please refer to our brochure or contact us in person. You can use the following contact possibilities for this. We look forward to presenting you with our offer.

Brochure - filter technology
Brochure - ultra-fine filtration

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