Compact filter

The new compact filter is designed for the filtration of oil, water, emulsion and solutions with a minimum requirement of space. Working on the same principle such as paper belt filters, it can filter between 30 and 1500 l/min – according to the customer-specific design.

The new compact construction of the cutting fluid filter makes it easy to integrate the system into existing plants – also where is only small space available. A low inflow level safes additional space, a lifting device is not necessary. The sophisticated construction of the filter system makes it possible to extend it by further filtration levels such as a magnetic filter.

low space requirements   •   high performance   •   high fineness of filtration


The filter has been designed in the in-house F&E department and is applicable for the machining of different materials like steel, aluminum, cast, gray cast as well as stainless steel. There are barely boundaries when it comes to the kind of machining: turning, milling, grinding, drilling, honing or lapping - in any case the compact filter made by Lehmann is the right choice. Depending on the used filter fleece a fineness of filtration of up to 10 µm is possible. The compact filter is controlled electronically by default.


Numerous features make the filter indispensable for metal working:

optionally available with:

Funktionsgrafik des Kompaktfilters

operating mode:

The transport belt is c-shaped, by what a trough is formed inside the compact filter. Thanks to this special construction, the filtration surface for oil and other media is particularly wide. Furthermore, a high water column is formed which results from an excellent filter cake. The latter allows an high fineness of filtration. Last but not least - the technologically defined inclined surface for the discharge of the mud reduces the quantity of the particles that fall back into the contaminated liquid in the filter.

Our filter systems are often used in combined plants, such as with our conveyor technology.

For additional information about the filter technology, please refer to our brochure or contact us in person. You can use the following contact possibilities for this. We look forward to presenting you with our offer.

Brochure - filter technology
Brochure - compact filter

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