Inclined bed filter

The inclined bed filter is used for fully automatic, continuous cleaning of cooling lubricants and process water. Its compact design means that a high degree of purification can be achieved even in conditions where space is at a premium. The filter system is suitable above all for metal processing, especially with graphite and aluminium, and can also be used in the chemicals industry, the foodstuffs sector as well as washing plants. Its simple maintenance and long service life as well as 100% exploitation of the filter material make it one of the most cost-effective filter solutions. Further advantages of this filter system are the pre-drying of the filter cake and simple separation of the waste product from the nonwoven material by means of a scraper.

Inclined bed filterInclined bed filter

Mode of function

An inclined bed filter consists of a container with inclined, perforated plate on which the nonwoven filter is located. This is controlled by the fill level sensor. The liquid is distributed over the nonwoven material by a distributor channel. The contaminating particles are separated from the medium, and a filter cake is formed on the nonwoven material. Once a particular fill level has been reached, the automatic winding function starts and the nonwoven material is drawn out of the container. The coarse dirt is removed by a scraper during the outward transport of the filter belt. The operator is notified when the end of the nonwoven material is reached.

Inclined bed filter

Flow rates

approx. 100 - 600 l/min with a filter fineness from 10 - 30 µm (depending on nonwoven material)
approx. 150 - 700 l/min with a filter fineness from 80 - 100 µm (depending on nonwoven material)

Electrical power supply

230 volts (all types) / option 400 volts

Our filter systems are often used in combined plants, such as with our conveyor technology.

Inclined bed filterSchrägbettfilter

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