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The negative pressure suction filter cleans liquids such as coolant or process water without the use of filter aids, by extraction. It can be used in all kinds of areas such as grinding, turning, drilling, milling, lapping as well in graphite machining.

New feature: The USF filter series works without filter aid medium.

USF filter seriesUSF filter series

Mode of function

The USF is immersed in a dirt tank with scraper system. This transports the contamination which builds up as a sediment and is separated from the filter candle.

The USF consists of a filter candle which is selected according to the application. Cleaning is carried out by means of the filter element. The contaminated fluid settles in the inflow box and flows evenly into the dirt tank. Purified fluid is extracted from the filter element with a suction pump. The fluid flows through the filter element and back into the machine. The impurities previously contained in the fluid settle on the outside of the filter candle and form a filter cake which refines the nominal filtration level. In the USF, cleaning is carried out by a permanent filter that can be backwashed by excess pressure. This method functions fully automatically. The dirt particles are released from the candle, transported away and dried. This means long service lives are guaranteed, and the service intervals minimised.

USF filter seriesUSF filter series

Folded-out filter candle


• Considerable cost savings
• Short payback time
• Environmental friendliness
• Energy efficiency
• Strict service friendliness
• Noticeable reduction in operating costs
• Long-lasting filter elements
• Long service lives

Flow rates • Filter fineness • Tank volume

ECO:              250l/min • 5µm • 1000l
COMBO:       650l/min • 5µm • 3000l
CENTRAL:  5000l/min • 5µm • According to customer request

Time-saving & cost-effective production with the highest quality standards

Ease of access to the filter elements permits trouble-free monitoring, maintenance and straightforward inspection of the filter element without draining the fluid from the plant.


USF Easy

Data sheet

The USF Easy is an inexpensive plant for a wide range of applications.

It is used, amongst other applications, in machining carbide metals and also during lapping and honing. Moreover, the modular design enables different elements to be selected in addition for customer-specific filtration tasks so as to upgrade the system for working with ceramics, for example.

With its outstanding key properties, the USF Easy is designed for ultrafiltration of particles down to 3 - 5µm in oil, given corresponding conditions.

Manually or, optionally, fully automatic backwashable exchangeable cartridges and a high energy efficiency mean that using the USF Easy reduces ancillary costs; additionally, the new filter from Lehmann-UMT is also one step ahead when it comes to sustainability. Simple handling for filtration in a reliable process rounds off the package.

Technical parameters

Filter fineness:    approx. 3-5 µm
Flow rate:             up to 120 l/min
Tank volume:       450l
Dimensions:        approx. 1200 x 800 mm
Weight:                 920 kg
Application:         HSS, carbide metals, lapping, honing, eroding


USF Edge+

Data sheet

The USF Edge Plus employs multi-stage filtration by means of innovatively linking different filter processes together. This minimises the contamination of the filter elements and thus leads to a significantly extended lifecycle of the plant and enormous cost savings.


Thanks to the multi-stage system, even media which is difficult to process can be filtered highly efficiently in the range from 2 to 3µm. As a result, the USF Edge Plus can also be used in the glass and ceramic industries. A further highlight is a new outfeed and drying system in the tank.

Technical parameters

Filter fineness:    approx. 2-3 µm
Flow rate:             60-80 l/min
Tank volume:       350l
Dimensions:        approx. 1200 x 800 mm
Weight:                 880 kg
Application:         Metals, glass, ceramics


For additional information about the filter technology, please refer to our brochure or contact us in person. You can use the following contact possibilities for this. We look forward to presenting you with our offer.

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